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Herb Happenings for 2015


Edna is writing an herb column for the Tehachapi Loop Newspaper each month. She explores the cultivation, culinary uses, medicinal properties, ornamental applications, folklore and history of herbs. A new herb topic will be featured in each column. Your questions and herb experiences are welcome!    

Lavender and Herb workshops will be scheduled as requested all summer. These can be scheduled at your venue or in Edna's garden. Make one of my workshops part of your next garden/house party.

Group visits to Edna’s County Herb Garden may be arranged July –Sept.

Edna will present a program on "Herb Companions" at the Bakersfield Garden Project on May 2nd at 10:15. Check their website at www.gardenprojectbakersfield.org for the location.

Farewell to a Memorial Biblical Herb Garden

The Stallion Springs Community Church Board has voted to “remove” the Biblical Herb Garden and use that space for another purpose. I am permitted to remove the plants. The other donated memorial items are considered the property of the Church and according to their letter, “the Board of Directors has the right to use these items as they determine appropriate”.  
I want to thank all the volunteers who constructed this garden in 2010. Moving that heavy Gethsemene rock into place was no small feat! The donated memorial items: the 6 ft. Cross, the Biblical well, fencing, acorn shaped finials, the plants, the entry box, plant markers, and the memorial signs provided an environment for Biblical education. The Vacation Bible School children learned that each acorn finial is unique, just as they are in God’s eyes. The fact that herbs were used for tithing was surprising to them but they could share the stories of the Cross, the Well and the Garden of Gethsemene.
A family hung a beautiful memorial bouquet that was entwined with the climbing red rose on the cross. It was there for a long time until the winds came. The entry box with the garden information guides, prayer request cards, a Bible, and a devotional guide has been available 24 hours a day in this lighted “outdoor chapel”.  Many prayer vigils, mediations and Biblical stories have been shared here! We can be assured the garden has been a blessing to many  and that is of prime importance!

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Souza Vineyard and Wine Tasting www.souzafamilyvineyard.com

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